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Basically, We Can’t Tell Minka Kelly And Leighton Meester Apart


Minka Kelly and Leighton Meester are currently co-starring in the new film The Roommate, which sounds a little like a Single White Female reboot, but in college. In the film, Minka’s character is assigned to live with Leighton in their college dorm and that’s when things turn…dun-dun-DUNNNN…deadly. We’re sure it’s nothing a concerned R.A. can’t step in and handle.


What’s even scarier to us in real life though, is just how much the two look alike without even trying to obsessively, creepily emulate each other using horror-film cliches. Check out a few shots of the pair at a screening for the new movie, and compare and contrast their looks throughout the years in our “Hot Brunette Sisters From Another Mother” gallery. It really is weird how similar they look, right? Just add them to the list ofcelebrity doppelgangers we’ve come up with…


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