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Launched the initiative in 2009 by Joelle Ferrand, then mayor of Barcares, the festival has seen its reputation ElectroBeach climb arrow from year to year. Organized by the Tourist Office and the municipality of Barcares, outdoors and near the famous ship The Lydia, the event has managed to combine the codes of a festival of electronic music (or DJ's has the honor) the European tourist attraction ultra-dynamic land in summer and the benefits of a popular atmosphere, free and accessible to all. Last year, nearly 40,000 people were thus found to the great scene, always bigger and paree innovative technologies to vibrate to the music, distilled pleiade by international artists such as Steve Aoki, Ferry Corsten, Basto , Example, or Sebastien Benett British singer Tara McDonald ... A success even beyond the hopes of the organizers, who then decided to move up a gear on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of the festival.

The festival has always been ElectroBeach bet to bet on electronic music and international DJs. Given the magnitude of the phenomenon in the DJ world, and particularly in the United States for two years, we can say that this bet has been paid. The electronic music are no longer confined to the small world of clubs. They emerge everywhere, whether on radio, television sets, Internet, but also on the scenes of festivals of all kinds, which incorporate copious in their programming. In 2013, electronic music and DJ's continue to democratize a breakneck speed It is not only a festive music, dancing and universal but also a popular movement that moves crowds and sanctifies the DJ's at a level never equal. The performance of the festival is to position ElectroBeach definitely be the biggest outdoor festival of French electronic music.


Over two days, more than 20 DJ's high international standing will take turns on the decks to vibrate Port Barcares. Tourists and clubbers from all backgrounds share the unique emotions that awaken all the senses. A true spectacle, makes music and human performance in a visual decor resolutely unique. A few meters from the Mediterranean Sea, under the starry sky of July, back to the majestic ocean liner, the public offload the communicative energy of the best DJ's in the world of a scene still more imposing.

To date, four DJ's ads have already been raised and unprecedented enthusiasm about the festival: Martin Solveig, NICKY ROMERO, HARDWELL and the collective French REEPUBLIC.


For the first year, the festival ElectroBeach takes ambition and goes into paying after four free years. The organizers, however, remain very affordable prices to well below prices generally recognized for such events. A special offer pre-sales is even now organized on the site of online ticketing Digitick or the festival appeared already among the best sellers of the first week of marketing.

Until April 19, the 2-day pass is sold at € 31 instead of € 40 and a 1-day pass € 21 instead of € 30 Reservation

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