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Kim Kardashian Runs Out Of Miami Restaurant To Avoid Seeing Sex Tape Partner Ray J | MIA

Last year Ray J found himself seated on the same plane as Kris Humphries, who was at the time engaged to Ray’s former sex-tape partner Kim Kardashian. Needless to say, it made for something of an awkward flight. But now the R&B had an even closer call confronting his less than illustrious past, as he showed up at Miami’s Prime 112 restaurant; the very place that the whole Kardashian Klan were having a family dinner. Coming face to face with a whole pack of Kardashians is probably pretty terrifying in the best of occasions, but if you’re Ray J, it could very well have ended tragically.

Ray arrived at the restaurant on Sunday night to have dinner with his friend, boxer Floyd Mayweather. Apparently he was totally unaware that Kim and Co. were in the house because, hey, the world’s a big place. But the reality TV stars were there to mark the 9-year-anniversary of patriarch Robert Kardashian’s death. Ooof. We can’t think of a worse moment for your sex tape partner to make an unexpected appearance. Kim reportedly bounced from the place upon hearing that Ray J had arrived, being ushered out a side door as soon as she could. The most hilarious part is that the place was already swarmed with paparazzi because she had tweeted her dinner location earlier in the day! She probably could have done without that extra bit of attention. Let’s hope she at least had time for dessert!

Story Via: VH1 by Jordan Runtagh (@JordanRuntagh)

[Photo: Getty Images]

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