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Paris Hilton Blames Others For Cocaine Bust, Of Course

This idiot, again. Only Paris Hilton could ruin a perfectly lovely weekend for the entire gossip world. Just this morning we were off trotting around our twee neighborhood with a cup of coffee and a dream in our cardigan, when this stupid a-hole had to go and get busted for cocaine possession in Las Vegas. Now we’re in our dark cave of an apartment starring at the wonk-eyed beast in anger. Seriously, how many years have we been writing about her wasting space with her vapid, entitled, coke-y antics? ENOUGH.

So let’s make this quick: TMZ sez Paris and her boyfriend, Cy Waits, were arrested by Vegas cops last night and have since been released. She’s hired a fancy Las Vegas lawyer and is already claiming that the purse cops discovered with the stash inside did not belong to her. Because if there’s one thing Paris is good at - besides blow jobs - it’s blaming other people for every dumb thing she’s done in her life. Except Doug Reinhardt - she really can’t lay that mess on anyone else.

Paris was arrested in South Africa this summer for suspicion of having marijuana, but was released. Not to be outdone, Paris was busted for weed a few weeks later in Corsica, and then let off the hook. Please, oh holy creator of life and celebrity comeuppances, please do not let Paris Hilton get off this time. Because if there’s one thing this a-hole deserves, it’s to become known as the one person in the world who is more pathetic than Lindsay Lohan.

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