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The Cover Of Lauren Conrad’s New Style Book Is Awkward

Lauren Conrad may be the only person who got out of The Hills before imploding, but that still doesn’t mean we understand her legitimate career as an author. After she decided to quit her fake-acting career, Conrad started writing novels and now she’s also written a style book. (Seriously, someone needs to stop this trend, how much more can we learn from celebrities about how to dress?)

The cover of Conrad’s book, which is slated to come out in October and is titled Lauren Conrad Style, has just been released and we have to say, we’re seeing about a hundred different things wrong with it, the most ironic being that this is not what Lauren Conrad usually looks like. From the bun on her head to the glam eye makeup to the piercing stare, this is not how we remember her from The Hills. Still, the former fashion student wanted to share her wisdom with her fans and says the book with include “personal stories, live and learn stories,” and “a couple of high school horror stories.” Right, because we didn’t already see those on Laguna Beach.

[Photo: Harper Collins via People]

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