Sorry, There Is No Daft Punk Concert at the L.A. Coliseum 🙄 | #iRockParties

To all Daft Punk fans hoping to get lucky with some last-minute tickets to a Wednesday night show at the Los Angeles Coliseum, some bad news: You won’t be seeing the robotic duo one more time. 

The gig, which has been bouncing around Facebook on Tuesday, is a hoax. 

Its origins lie in an April Fool’s Day prank from earlier this year, posted online by The bogus story announced a 25-date live tour for the dance-music band, with dates in such jokey venues as Mexico City’s “Club Falso” and “Monosodium Glutamate” in New York City (or MSG for short — get it?). It also lists an Aug. 23 date at the “Lol Angeles Memorial Coliseum.”

That’s where Facebook user Raoul Duke comes in. Duke created a public event on the social media platform for the bogus date. Nearly 6,000 people have since registered themselves as “going” to the event while another 39,000 say they are “interested.”

But the band has not staged a full-scale arena tour since 2007’s Alive tour, with none currently announced for the near future.

That hasn’t stopped the internet from faking them, however. In 2009, a “hidden tour” was announced in Shanghai, China, which turned out to be an attempt to scam unsuspecting ticket buyers out of their money.

And the appearance of website raised hopes once again, only to see them dashed. 

The band last performed in public at the Feb. 12 Grammy Awards, where they performed the hit single “I Feel It Coming” with The Weeknd. 

Neither reps for the band, Duke or the Coliseum responded to requests for comment.  

This article was originally published by The Hollywood Reporter

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