The Weeknd Releases New Track Heals Starboy Video | #iRockParties

Yesterday, The Weeknd dropped a stunning video for the sensational collaboration he did with Daft Punk, “Starboy.” Now, The Weeknd has graced us with another single from the forthcoming album. The song, “False Alarm,” perpetuates The Weeknd’s iconic sound with falsetto styled vocals and more ambient instrumentation, while also incorporating a new, higher energy production for the chorus.

The track begins with drones, leading into a ringing alarm, one that is false – I presume. Then comes The Weeknd’s unmistakeable voice singing a simple melody over filtered synths and the ad lib, “She lies.” He speaks of a girl involved with herself and her “dark philosophy” that creates a false alarm in The Weeknd. The chorus hits, and a completely new direction is introduced by it. High energy drums and an electro-inspired gritty synth drive The Weeknd’s yells of “false alarm” forward. After the second chorus, the more distinguished sounds of The Weeknd’s signature sounds bleed through the production where the beat breaks and his vocals guide the track back into the chorus. This is definitely a new style for the newly reborn artist.

Check it out for yourself:


H/T Complex

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