VIP Host Of The Month: Kolton Chournos | Las Vegas | TAO Group 

We have a hate/love relationship with Vegas but when we in Vegas the only host we deal with is Kolton of TAO Group. Never too busy for us and always making shit happen. No other way to go when in Vegas from hotels to bottles services KC will get it done!
Q&A / Interview

** iRP: A lot of Vegas “Hosts/Promoters” have really bad reps how do you manage to keep such a great rep around town?

KC: Well I really like to make sure my clients have the funniest and most personable experience when they do Vegas through me, Plus I assist with EVERYTHING, therefor making their trip easier on them.

** iRP: What’s the funniest thing that’s ever happened to 1 of your clients at the club? No need to Mention names.

KC: There are a number of things that can happen, but there is one that stands out the most. It may be a tad bit inappropriate but I had a group of guys at my pool party and they were taking “ass shots” with the girls in the cabana.

iRP: Sounds like a good time lol

** iRP: When you’re out and about what’s your go 2 drink?

KC: Vodka Red bull, always gets the night started right.

** iRP: Blondes or brunette?

KC: Blondes

iRP: You and Juan C. would get along lol

** iRP: Steakhouse or wing stop?

KC: Steakhouse

iRP: Ok no more random ass questions lol 

** iRP: How did you get in to nightlife?

KC: I came out to Vegas alone for my 21st birthday and my friend, who was currently working in Vegas, showed me these jobs in the industry. I immediately fell in love and moved to Vegas just a month after my vacation there.

** iRP: Are you single? Is it hard being in a relationship and working at 1 of the hottest spots in Vegas?

KC: I am actually in a relationship, It isn’t to hard.

** iRP: What event (s) are your biggest pay day? 

KC: My biggest pay checks have come from EDC and Memorial Day weekend.

** iRP: How can people get a hold of you? What’s your info? Number, social media etc.

KC: People get a hold of me in many different ways, social media, emails, phone calls and text messages etc. 801-888-7422 | IG: @Kolton_Vegas

** iRP: What are your thoughts iRockParties.Com?

KC: Love the site, is so informative and keeps me up to date!

** iRP: TAO Group you got a gem in your hands keep this man happy and on your team 😉 Vegas we love but our bank accounts hate the shit out of you lol see you soon.

Story By:
iRockParties / Juan C.

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