Pharrell Reveals His Design Inspirations and Concept Behind New BBC Store | #iRockParties

Along with a successful music and fashion career, Pharrell is noted for his unique design taste which has led him to collaborate with artist Takashi Murakami and furniture brand Domeau & Pérès. His newest Billionaire Boys Club/ICECREAM flagship store in NYC lends itself to an impressive design-centric location with the help of architecture firm Snarkitecture. Architectural Digest recently sat down with the multi-hyphenate artist to discuss the theme of the retail space, his creative inspirations and remarkable art collection.


Take a look at a snippet of the interview below and read the rest here.

AD: Can you describe the overall aesthetic?

PW: The store is very simple. We wanted to give the product room to shine, so Snarkitecture basically whitewashed everything. We carry some colorful stuff, so [the products] really pop in the space once they get placed on the fixtures.

AD: What people, places, or things are inspiring your design sensibility these days?

PW: I travel a lot and get inspired everywhere I go, but nowhere is more inspiring than Japan. The design, creative, and merchandising there is on a whole other level. It also helps to have a friend like [Japanese fashion designer/Billionaire Boys Club cofounder] Nigo, who, to me, has the greatest taste. I don’t know how many times I’ve been to Japan, but every time he shows me something new that blows my mind.

AD: You have quite an impressive art collection. What’s one piece that you consider to be your most meaningful purchase?

PW: I don’t buy anything that’s not meaningful. You have to surround yourself with things that have a purpose and a clear function. Maybe our large Murakami Flower Ball—it usually makes people smile when they see it.


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