Q&A w/ Bartender Of The Month David Whatley

Doesn’t get any better then this guy behind the bar, We’ve had the pleasure of knowing David Whatley (DW) for a few years now and this dude has always been the coolest and realest person behind the bar… Great person in and outside of the bar, this was a no brainer for us… Congrats on winning “Bartender of the Month” buddy you deserve it. -iRP

iRP: How long have you been bartending?

DW: 10 + yrs

iRP: What’s your favor spot to go drinking at when you’re not working?

DW: Rhythm & Vine is always a good time.

iRP: Advice to give to customer?

DW: Tip or stay home, we depend on your generosity.

iRP: Any advice to give to a up and coming bartender?

DW: Don’t ever say your a licensed Bartender!

iRP: If you can go back in time and not bar tend would you?

DW: No, I appreciate the life I live and the people I’ve meet.

iRP: Funniest sh!t that’s ever happened to you behind the bar?

DW: My first time bartending I squirted a shot of roses like juice in my eye, I still was setting up and had to open for private party. Couldn’t open my eye for an hour or so into my shift.

iRP: Favor place you’ve worked at?

DW: That’s a hard choice I’ve work at a few spots with great management teams and co workers who have become close friends.

iRP: Steakhouse or wing stop?

DW: Steakhouse for sure.

iRP: What’s your go to drink and shot?

DW: Depends on the time of day I’m drinking. Early morning call for bloody Mary’s and champagne. Afternoons call for Rum and Coke and evenings are for Titos & Redbull. Also when I’m on “vacation mode” or on vacation I order mojitos back to back! Lol

iRP: Hardest drink to make?

DW: No drink is to hard to make if your properly set up! It’s all about preparation.

iRP: E11even or Scarletts?

DW: Both are great establishment but Scarletts is home for me!

iRP: Where are you working at now?

DW: My next adventure takes me to Cash Only, opening Dec 29th, 2016 in downtown Ft Lauderdale. Multi room venue, each unique in design & genre. Equal parts bar and lounge w/ a twist of nightclub you’ll have to see for yourself. Put your money where your mouth is!

iRP: Cash Only? We keep hearing about this place, Good times?

DW: Lol very good times, We’re going to hit FTL like a storm. Get ready!

iRP: How can people contact you? Social media etc.

DW: FB David Whatley | IG IAMWHATLEY

iRP: Your thoughts on iRockParties.Com?

DW: It’s always a go to, keeps me up to date on what’s going on in the world!

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