I was sitting on the couch hanging out, when my girlfriend was apparently scrolling through Instagram on her phone. After the Victoria Secret Fashion Show last week she has been staying up to date with some of the models and she noticed something peculiar…many of them posted just a blank orange tile. So I decided to snoop around a little but and I found that this orange tile went far beyond only the model community. Ja Rule posted it…even on of my favorite meme accounts Beige Cardigan posted it. The mystery was on and when I followed the links what I stumbled into was a sight for sore eyes that are already tired of the winter.

What I discovered was the Fyre Festival. A music, art and food festival taking place on the private island of Fyre Cay in the Exumas, Bahamas. The viral marketing campaign pulled me in but the promise of a life changing experience hooked me. Fyre Festival is not your typical festival experience. First off it is held on a private island that you need special air fare to get too (we will cover the ticket packages in a moment). Second it was created by a group of influencer’s from all sections of the artistic world. Some of the hobbies they boast are – seabobbing, yoga on the beach, water trampolines, snorkeling near a plane wreck off Norman’s Cay and so much more.



Then there is another interesting twist…a treasure hunt. They claim that over one million dollars in jewels and prizes will be hidden throughout the island for attendees to hunt for. If your interest has not been piqued yet then all you need is to look at the prices. Yes all of this sounds incredibly expensive but Fyre Festival has some serious bang for your buck. All packages come with air fare from Miami, lodging and food. What’s more is they have payment plans that help you break it down to manageable monthly payments.

No line up has been released yet but due to the amount of serious talent they got just for the initial announcement video…Fyre Festival is slated to be the next big destination event. Check out all the information here!

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