As many of you may know, Kanye West has been in the news a lot lately due to the rapper/producer’s unfortunate hospitalization for mental-health related issues. While he’s since been released and actively working in the studio once again there are rumors that the second half of his Saint Pablo Tour will be fully canceled.

While the first half of his tour was canceled following Kanye’s hospitalization at UCLA’s medical center, as it turns out TMZ is reporting that the second half of the tour will be canceled. Sources say that Kanye’s team has already reached out to the show promoter’s Live Nation to inform them of their decision. The second half of the tour is mostly European-based and features performances in marquee markets such as Paris, the UK, and German. Thankfully, as no dates have been announced nor tickets sold for any of these shows, the fall-out from the cancellation is minimal.

Kanye is also covered via his insurance policy which will reimburse him for any ‘lost profits or expenses associated with cancellations that result from a medical condition.’

H/T: Power 105.1 

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