Apple Park opens to employees in April | #iRockParties

Steve Jobs‘ final product announcement wasn’t a new phone, computer, or gadget. It was a huge new campus for his beloved company. The newly-christened Apple Park will start welcoming employees this April, nearly six years after Jobs unveiled the plans to the Cupertino City Council. The main building — nicknamed the Spaceship thanks to its circular shape — was designed by Lord Norman Foster and is just part of the 175-acre complex.

Also on site are a visitors center, a 100,000-square-foot fitness center, secure research and development facilities, two miles of walking paths, and over 9,000 trees. And one more thing: the Steve Jobs Theater, a 1,100-seat auditorium built to host future keynote events and topped by a 20-foot-tall glass cylinder, 165 feet in diameter, and situated on a hill so as to offer the best views of Steve’s last creation.


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