A lawsuit filed against Bose this week alleges the headphone manufacturer secretly used an app to collect data on users’ listening habits and offer it to interested third parties.

The suit claims that Bose violated the WireTap Act and several other privacy laws meant to protect an individual’s privacy and identity.

“Indeed, one’s personal audio selections – including music, radio broadcast, Podcast, and lecture choices – provide an incredible amount of insight into his or her personality, behavior, political views, and personal identity,” the suit says.

The Bose products included in the suit are the SoundSport Wireless, Sound Sport Pulse Wireless, QuietControl 30, SoundLink Around-Ear Wireless Headphones II and SoundLink Color II.

Kyle Zak, the lead plaintiff, said the companion smartphone app Bose Connect was advertised as a way to enhance his headphone experience. After entering his name, email address, phone number, Zak said the company used his information to search for his listening and search histories,which were then sent to companies including San Francisco firm Segment whose website offers to “collect all or your customer customer data and send it anywhere.”

Bose denied Zak’s allegations, saying the company would seek legal defense against them.

“[W]e’ll fight the inflammatory, misleading allegations made against us through the legal system,” a Bose spokesperson told Fortune.

The lawsuit said the case is worth $5 million, but has not specified damages.

Source: Fortune

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