And they’re made from concrete…

Master & Dynamic’s new MA770 Wireless speaker has been designed in conjunction with famous architect Sir David Adjaye.

The new MA770 is made of a proprietary concrete composite – the first of its kind – giving the speaker a “rich, sculptural quality” and blurring the lines between a functional piece of audio gear and a work of art. The working parts of the speaker comprise of dual 4” woven kevlar long throw woofers, a 1 ½” titanium tweeter powered by 100 watts of Class D amplification and diamond-cut anodized aluminum controls.

The use of the new concrete material is not merely for style purposes but has a number of acoustic benefits such as increased audio dampening, reduced resonance from the enclosure, and a purer sound. The dampening properties of the concrete are so impressive – five times better than wood and ten times better than plastic – that the speaker can be placed just inches away from a turntable and played at full volume without causing the record to skip.

Additional features allow the MA770 to be used as a single stereo unit or paired with another speaker via Wi-Fi to provide a larger stereo image. It also has Chromecast built-in, giving the MA770 multi-room audio capabilities. It is the first speaker to use this technology for stereo pairing.

Sir David Adjaye is the architect responsible for Washington D.C.’s new Smithsonian museum – The National Museum of African American History and Culture, the partnership with Master & Dynamic highlights the innovative design direction the company adopts with their audio products.

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