Dana White Has Some Terrible News For Fans Who Already Purchased the Mayweather/McGregor Tickets | #iRockParties

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Floyd Mayweather is set to come out of retirement on August 26, to fight UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor, in what is likely to be the biggest fight in history.

Rumours were running rampant that both ticket and pay-per-view prices for the much-anticipated boxing super fight will be very similar to the prices of Mayweather’s bout with Manny Pacquiao… But when tickets went on sale last week, it appeared they were far worse.

“Part of the appeal is the spectacle and outsize personalities who are participating in it,” said Espinoza. Ticket prices for Mayweather vs. Pacquiao started at $1,500 and ended at around $7500, and were an absolute nightmare for fans to come by. Tickets went for as much as $85000 on ticket swap websites, with ringside seats costing $128,705.

Tickets became available last week at viagogo.com, and when we logged on, there was hardly any remaining. We were sitting 180th in the queue, with less than 3% of tickets remaining.

The cheapest tickets were right up the back and in this section they started at $2860 and went as high as $3500.

Moving into the inner circle, the cheapest tickets were $4200. These went all the way up to $18,500!

And then there’s the floor seats. Down here you’ll be among the rich and famous. Mark Whalberg, Mike Tyson, and many other celebs. These were going for $24,000 a pop.

But if you’re one of the fans who purchased a ticket, we’ve got some pretty bad news for you.

UFC president Dana White, who played a major role in getting the pair to agree to fight, has revealed that tickets have not yet been released to the public and that he was aware of a ticket scam circling.

“A fan told me he bought tix already.” White posted on Instagram. “I want ALL fans to know that we have not even come up with a price for tix yet and tix ARE NOT for sale yet. Don’t get fucked by These DIRTBALLS trying to sell tix already. When we announce tix on sale that’s when it’s real.”

If you’re one of the unfortunate fans who purchased one of these, this might be a bitter pill to swallow!

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