A major crackdown following recent legislation…

16 Ibiza beach clubs have been told “no music, no DJs” by the San José municipal town hall. The announcement comes less than two weeks after an Ibiza council gave local authorities more power over open-air venues. 

The powers-that-be in San José already ordered the beach clubs to reduce their noise levels from the current 85db to the lower 65db by the start of next season or face very tough fines. 

Officials are now asking for all music to be cut until proper paperwork and permits are completed. According to local publication The Ibizan, “ [although] all the clubs in question may have registered with the central island government, the Consell, that is only a small part of the authority and registration they must hold to be a beach club. San José say that the clubs must also gain permission from them as the local council, and that none of them have done so.” 

The restrictions are being imposed following a steep increase in the number of music venues lining up on San José’s beach front. According to local officials, this influx has been detrimental to the traditional tourism the island has relied on. Venues owners state they are merely keeping up with demand and don’t want to lose tourism dollars to countries like Croatia. 

At the time of posting, the 16 clubs have not been officially confirmed. However, Blue Marlin, Nassau, Cala Bassa Beach Club and Bora Bora are popular destinations in the area.

More details and speculation via the Ibizan. 

Separately, Ibiza authorities continue to look into banning alcohol on flights to the White Isle. 

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