Tomorrowland Rumored to Be Eyeing Thailand for Asian Expansion | #iRockParties

Is Tomorrowland considering a move to Asia? The Belgium festival has grown to be one of the largest dance music festivals in the world, welcoming 360,000 visitors across two weekends in 2017. Promotion partner LiveStyle recently confirmed that a return of offshoot Stateside festival TomorrowWorld and Brazilian Tomorrowland are a “work in progress,” meanwhile, rumors emerge that the brand may be courting partners for a new branch in Thailand.

Bangkok Post spoke with Kriengkrai Kanjanapokin, founder and group chief executive of Index Creative Village Plc, who expects to be a joint organizer should the event take place. He claims he spoke with the festival’s founders about their interest, citing Thailand’s popularity with tourists.

“Thailand is considered one of the highest-potential countries in Asia for world music events,” Kanjanapokin offers in the article. “We highly anticipate that the event will be held in Thailand in its 2019 or 2020 edition.” Kanjanapokin also suggests that the Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau get motivated to sweeten the deal.

A representative for Tomorrowland explains that the rumors aren’t entirely unfounded, but there are no specific plans to take the festival to Thailand just yet. “We keep looking for interesting opportunities abroad,” says spokesperson Debby Wilmsen. “But it takes time and a lot of research, as building Tomorrowland is like moving a small city of 60,000 citizens.”

Read the full story via Bangkok Post.

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