Burning Man Unveils First Designs for ‘I, Robot’ Themed 2018 Edition

The First Law of Asimovian robotics is that no robot can harm or bring harm through inaction to a human being. The first law of Burning Man might as well be that you are kind, courteous and friendly to your neighbors, because the Playa at Black Rock is all about community, creativity and togetherness.

How, then, did it take Burning Man 33 years to take up Asimov’s I, Robot as a theme? It totally makes sense to go sci-fi. Burning Man will erect itself for another week of transformational creation and exploration Aug. 26 through Sept. 3, 2018. It announced the I, Robot theme earlier this year, but Monday (Dec. 26), fans get a first peak at the structural designs in mind.

The main Temple, Galaxia, is designed by French architect Arthur Mamou-Mani. It’s based on Asimov’s planet of Gaia, from the Foundation series, and is a tall spiraling tower said to celebrate “hope in the unknown, stars, planets, black holes, the movement uniting us in swirling galaxies of dreams,” according to the official Burning Man journal.

The call is out for artists, artisans, fabricators and all manner of laborers who would like to help build the Galaxia temple. You can learn more about how to get involved via the journal’s original post. You can also peep a sneak peek view of the design.

Ticket registration for Burning Man 2018 begins Jan. 24 and runs through Jan. 26. Visit Burning Man online for more information.

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