Banksy Releases Video Documenting the Process of Shredding the ‘Girl With a Balloon’ | #iRockParties

Banksy sent the art world into a frenzy when his Girl With a Balloon artwork self-destructed after being sold for $1.4 million USD at Sotheby’s. The newly-titled Love Is In The Bin piece has now set a new precedent in art history, redefining the value of destruction and form and spurring new theories regarding the piece’s scheme.

To give a behind-the-scenes look at his artwork, Banksy has released a director’s cut video of the process of shredding the Girl With a Balloon. The video shows the making and installing of the built-in shredder frame, the auction event at Sotheby’s London, the button that set of the shredder and a rehearsal of the art performance, which shreds the full canvas print. Banksy also clarifies that the piece actually did shred (some people thought it didn’t actually shred) and that the auction house had no part in the artwork’s self-destruction.

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