1987 FERRARI F40 LM COUPE | $5.1 M

The last Ferrari overseen by Enzo himself, the F40 was released in 1987 to celebrate Maranello’s 40th anniversary and to capitalize on the 288 GTO that was developed for the now-defunct FIA Group B racing formula.

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The F40 was as raw a road car as was ever built, with almost nothing in the way of luxury appointments, and was never intended for the race track ā€” until French Ferrari importer Charles Pozzi wanted to race one. Bigger IHI turbochargers and intercoolers brought the 2.9-liter V8 to over 700 horsepower from 471 in stock trim, and weight was reduced by over 400 pounds along with chassis modifications.

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The F40 LM here was a factory prototype and finished 12th overall and 6th in class at the 1995 24 Hours of Le Mans, eight years after it was built ā€” an impressive feat for a car that wasn’t designed to race.

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