SoundCloud And Snapchat Partner Up For All Sorts Of Sharing

Snapchat and SoundCloud just partnered up to make sharing tracks, albums, playlists and profiles easier to share. With the new Snap Creative Kit, SC is taking advantage of creators being able to share their stuff.

What is the goal here? Snap hopes to become an accessible destination for discovering new music as well. Artists can promote their latest tracks and its a new social media channel to SoundCloud artists. Word of mouth is key.

If there is a new way to promote music during this time, why not try it? SoundCloud states that this new integration will roll out later this year. This is going to be part of their set of tools in offering creators more presence on and off the screen. Plus, their partnership is the first of many updates for the multimedia messaging platform.

What Do You Mean?

Well, Snap is getting a new navigation bar, with contextual actions based on the user experience. Snap Minis (3rd party apps inside Snap Chat) will allow developers to incorporate HTML 5 into the iOS and Android apps. For Coachella next year (RIP), attendees can use the Coachella Snapchat Mini. It is a way to plan festival lineups amongst your friends.

We all know its never fun to do things by yourself all the time, right? With Let’s Do It, you and your friends can pick something to do. Movie Tickets by Atom gives you local movie times, seats, and ticket purchases (individually allowed). Prediction Master is upfront about everything you need to know from stocks to product drops. It’s like JackBox but for life.

New AR capabilities are coming to the Snap Camera Kit, with new lenses that feature inspired artists and songs. Say hello to the new type of filter. Snap is trying to appeal to more Indie artists and we can appreciate that. They’re tackling large events as well so we’ll see where this takes them.

via: edmtunes

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