Simon Cowell Reportedly Back Home After Electric Bike Accident, Ditched Vegan Diet

Simon Cowell is reportedly recovering quickly after undergoing a five-hour surgical procedure following an electric bike accident at his home on August 8. But it also sounds like one major thing have changed during his recovery.

The “America’s Got Talent” judge has famously lost weight and toned up in recent years in part due to increased exercise, but also because of a strict vegan diet he established in 2017 after a health scare then.

Now comes reports from The Mirror that girlfriend Lauren Silverman had been dropping off some of his favorite foods at the hospital, including meats and chocolates. She has, however, also reportedly forbade him from any further dangerous activities.

The dietary change could be a temporary respite to aid in his recovery, and if so it appears to be working wonderfully as People is reporting that the mogul is already recouping at home and was actually “walking around again” just two days after surgery.

According to an insider for the outlet. experts have been thrilled with Cowell’s quick recovery, saying he was up and walking much faster than anticipated after the surgery he underwent, which bodes well for a speedy recovery.

Cowell’s surgery reportedly involved “a number of fusions and metal rod put into his back,” per People. His recovery will reportedly include having to wear a back brace and intensive physical therapy taking weeks or even months.

While there’s no official urgency, Cowell was notably absent from this past week’s live shows on “America’s Got Talent.” The first “American Idol” winner he ever found — and burgeoning mogul in her own right — Kelly Clarkson ably stepped up in his absence.

Thanking her via Twitter, Cowell clearly was tuned in as he touted, “What a great show!” Clarkson joked on-air that she was already getting pretty comfortable in Cowell’s seat.

Initial estimates were that he would be out two to three weeks, but was anticipated to return in time for the show’s season finale, currently set for September 15 and 16. Now, it’s certainly possible he may make his way back into the studio even sooner than that — or at least dial in via Zoom or something.

Via: E!

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