Josué Thomas Announces Closure of GALLERY DEPT.

Following the abrupt closing of its flagship store accompanied by a “going out of business” sale, founder and designer Josué Thomas has officially announced the closure of GALLERY DEPT.

Despite its success in the last few years marked by a major Lanvin collaboration, Thomas delivered an official statement noting the end of his wildly popular label and his withdrawal from the fashion industry.

I come before you today with an overwhelming amount of pride and gratitude. Over four years ago, we started an unconventional path to express an artistic critique of the fashion industry.

Founded on the basis of quality and industrial design, we have been fortunate to gain continuous support from customers who not only feel good about the product but actually believe in the company.

Our core values have built a culture that has allowed GALLERY DEPT. to be a laboratory and catalyst for change. We speak to the dissatisfaction with the monotony of the fashion industry polluting not only our minds, but the environment. Through mass media, the ideology of consumerism is conflicting with our ethics and involvement in the conventional plane. I detest making disposable product.

From the beginning, GALLERY DEPT.’s focus has been making the best product, while easing the burden of resource consumption.

Because each case is unique and deserves a unique solution, I am choosing to continue the practice of being an artist and withdraw myself from the fashion industry.

I truly appreciate your business and support. I look forward to everyone to continue joining me on this journey.

Thank You!

It appears that Gallery Dept will continue to offer its remaining stock as Josué Thomas gears up for his next venture, Le Bar dé music de la Galerie. The project launching in Los Angeles appears to be a multi-concept space that combines elements of food and drink, music and art together in a cohesive nature.

Blog and Image: Hypebeast

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