Apple iPhone 15 Will Reportedly Be Made of Titanium | #iRockParties

It’s been less than two months since the iPhone 14 was launched, but the internet is already swept with various rumors concerning Apple’s next product in line — the iPhone 15. 

The iPhone 15 is rumored to scrap its signature lightning port for the more universally adaptable USB-C, and the Ultra model may even come with two front cameras instead. In the latest leak revolving around the product, Twitter user LeaksApplePro claims that the new iPhone 15 Ultra will be made out of titanium. 

Previously iPhone models were generally composed of aluminum alloy, while stainless steel is used for Pro models. Titanium is a much lighter and more durable material than the aforementioned, though more expensive and difficult to process in production. So if the iPhone 15 Ultra really will be made of titanium, it will most likely be retailed at a higher price. 

Apple has yet to announce any official information or launch dates regarding the iPhone 15 Ultra. 

Story via: HB

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