DJ Khaled Used to Sell His Mixtape to Shaq & Orlando Magic Players When He Was a Ball Boy | #iRockParties

Khaled also reflected on the trajectory of these NBA players’ lives, seemingly starting out from nothing to becoming household names, adding that he took a similar career path through the music industry. “It was a great experience for me because I got to see these guys come from the bottom, like when Shaq first got signed to Orlando,” Khaled remembers. “And then still be his friend, and when I see him and show love and salute, he know where I come from, meaning from the bottom, hustling this music.”

Back in 2014, Khaled sent out a shout out to Shaquille O’Neal on Twitter, adding that the former 15-time All-Star has “seen me start from the bottom.”

My brother @shaq stay down wit me form day 1 ! He seen me start from the bottom ! @wethebestmusic 

One day, they don’t want you to succeed by selling your mixtape as a ball boy, so you gotta succeed by selling your mixtape as a ball boy.

Story Via: Complex

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