The Chainsmokers have undeniably been one of 2016’s biggest playmakers, and it makes total sense that they would admire the one and only Yeezus. In an interview with BANG Showbiz, The Chainsmokers expressed their admiration for Kanye West, and shared their hopes to one day collaborate together. Who knows, at the rate those two have been climbing, they may actually get their wish sooner than later.


“Kanye is an idol of ours. We would kill to spend a day with him. For us it’s even more about just learning from him, his methods and everything. Doing a song would be a dream but we would settle for a hang out.”


But it’s not just his musical genius that they appreciate. His ironclad cojones are another point of respect for Alex and Drew, who had this to say of his infamous Taylor Swift bash at the VMAs.


“As far as what he said we don’t always agree with everything, but you have respect his conviction, dude gets up in front of millions of people and speaks his mind for better or worse. Not a lot of people have the balls to do that and we think its admirable, and dude is a creative genius.”


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