Following the hype behind The Chainsmokers’ performance with Halsey at the VMA’s, Alex Pall just opened up about some details regarding the duo’s personal life, and more specifically, Drew Taggart’s relationship with Halsey.


Apparently Drew and his girlfriend parted ways a couple of days after his steamy VMA performance with Halsey. Here’s what Alex Pall had to say in a September interview with Hollywood Life:


“You know, I’m sure that [the VMA performance] factored in. I know his girlfriend, I know her really well and I know he really loves her but I think its just a matter of, things are so hectic right now and sometimes you just feel bad about… I think he feels really guilty about the fact that we’re always away and we’re doing crazy things and like there’s certain opportunities and situations that will be coming up that are going to put a strain on is relationship and I think he wanted to feel guilt free in the stuff he was doing.”


Alex also went on to add:

“I know that for sure we both have a crush on Halsey there’s no doubt about that.”

Watch the sensual music video for “Closer” below, and their VMA performance further down.


H/T Bustle

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