VIP HOST OF THE MONTH: Joey Butera | Miami | LIV | #iRockParties

These days I don’t make it to Miami as often as I used to but when I do Joey Butera (JB) is the man to contact at LIV or Story. – Milo Castro (MC)

MC: Best performance ever at LIV Miami in your opinion?

JB: Lil Wayne like 3 years ago on DJ Khaled’s birthday celebration killed it the DJ booth was full of legendary rappers such as Fabulous, Fat Joe, P.Diddy and more. Wayne led the pack with some of his big hits. Wild night to say the least lol S/o to Wayne 

MC: LIV at the Dolphins/Hard Rock Stadium is insanely popular, tell us more about that. 

JB: Ever since LIV built a nightclub in HardRock stadium things have only gotten better. We have done record breaking numbers that have put us at the top of nightlife, venturing off to the stadium led us to opening new doors and opportunities. Not to mention we have SuperBowl LIV coming to HardRock stadium in 2020. 

MC: What’s your favorite drink?

JB: Only the best Don Julio 1942 šŸ˜‰ 

MC: What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever seen while hosting at the club?

JB: Mark Cuban came in after winning the National Championship and balled the f*ck out lol he bought a 15L bottle of Ace of Spades that cost $100k plus tax and service. The entire team was there lets just say it was a night that’s going to be hard to forget. 

MC: How did you get into the nightlife industry?

JB: I got into LIV by starting off as a bus boy but after 10 months the clients didn’t want me cleaning the tables, they wanted me to party with them. That led to my managers giving me a promotion as a host leading me to now to be the senior vip host at LIV.

MC: How have you survived this long at LIV?

JB: I survived this long because I really enjoy investing myself into people. I take care of everyone whether you spend $100 or $10k, I’m very blessed to work where I do and to have spent the last 8 years learning and developing my talents.

MC: What is your relationship with David Grutman like?

JB: Dave has had me on his team for 8 years. He considers me one of his top hosts and it’s amazing working for him and MMG.

MC: Is it hard being in a relationship and working at one of the hottest spots in the world?

JB: Being in a relationship with my fiancĆ© has been the best years I’ve had at LIV. Brooke is my biggest supporter and loves that I’ve gotten close and became friend with 1000s of people.

MC: What do you have lined up for this New Years Eve?

JB: For New Years this year we have a Justin Bieber lined up at the FontaineBleau pool side event. At LIV we have skrillex and Marshmellow at Story. (This year will be record breaking)

MC: How can people get a hold of you? Phone number, social media email etc…

JB: Guets can get ahold of me via cell phone, social media, the LIV phone line, emails etc.

Joey Butera LIV VIP Manager +1 (954) 802-8908 IG vipjoey

MC: What do you think about iRockParties.Com?

JB: I love iRockParties.Com by far 1 of the best sites out. Very informative on everything nightlife. 

Story By:

Camilo ‘Milo’ Castro | Juan C. 

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