Data For Almost 1 Million Coachella User Accounts Being Sold On Dark Web | #iRockParties 

Vice‘s Motherboard website has reported some troubling news today:

“A data trader claims to be selling over 950,000 user accounts for the website of popular music festival Coachella. The data includes email addresses, usernames and hashed passwords.”

According to Motherboard, the Coachella user accounts in question are being sold by a hacker operating under the “Berkut” handle through Tokcha, a dark web trading platform.

Reportedly, Berkut’s listing, which states “Coachella complete database dump from this month,” is priced at $300. Motherboard notes the following regarding the origins of the data being sold: “…around 360,000 of the accounts relate to the main Coachella website, and another 590,000 concern the [Coachella] message board. The latter set allegedly includes more information such as the user’s IP address.”

Fortunately, Motherboard reports that the “stolen data does not contain payment details,” based upon a sample of over 10,000 accounts that the hacker apparently provided to the outlet. The site also remarks that they “could not independently verify that the data was sourced this month.”

The Vice subsidiary alleges to have confirmed the veracity of the accounts being sold through the following method:

“Motherboard verified the data by attempting to create new accounts on with 30 of the provided email addresses—every randomly selected addresses was already linked to a current account on the site. Usernames in the dump also corresponded to real accounts, and two victims in the data confirmed they had signed up to the website.”

Motherboard notes that Coachella has yet to respond to their request for comment on the situation.

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