Dada Land is bringing their compound to San Francisco once again this Saturday, March 11. 

The duo’s high octane tom foolery and energy will grace the massive Bill Graham Civic Auditorium and bring loads of activities beyond just the music; though even then, you can count on hearing lots of new material.

“We wanted to expand and evolve the Dada Land Compound show,” says Dada Life. “This time we wanted to focus on bringing the experience into the crowd. There’s going to be lots of new activities in and around the venue–and not just during our set–but from doors opening until the very end. Some things will be easy to find, others will be harder. We’re also looking forward to playing a lot of new music that we’ve been working on and getting ugly with all our proud Citizens of Dada Land!”

Find tickets here, and keep up to date with the event on Facebook.

Take a look back at the Dada Land compound documentary from 2015 and get hyped!

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