The DJ giants add a new mixer to the DJM range…

Pioneer DJ have announced a new mixer, an update to the DJM-750. Priced at $1,998 and with features borrowed from their popular DJM-900nxs2, the 750mk2 includes Sound Colour FX per channel, the 900’s Magvel crossfader, the option to use isolator EQs and send and returns for insert or aux FX. There’s even a USB port to add iOS FX apps to the signal path. It’s now possible, as per the 900, to effect individual bands such as low, mid and hi separately from the main Beat FX section, perfect for reverbs, delays and other spatial effects.

A USB port allows the mixer to be used as an eight-channel soundcard and the included rekordbox DJ and rekordbox DVS licenses mean once you pick up some control vinyl you’ve got a complete timecode set-up. 

The updated 32-bit soundcard improves on the sound quality while Pioneer DJ have also added the extra 3.5mm headphone jack from the 900 – a welcome addition for when someone ‘borrows’ your adaptor, or for any late night b2b sessions. For vinyl-only sets, the mk2 expands on the mk1’s phono amps, adding two more to connect up to four turntables at once. 

Having borrowed so much from the ever-present 900, the 750mk2 looks like a solid addition to a home set-up, allowing you to get familiar with the nxs2 range for a seriously cheaper price. 

The DJM-750mk2 is available from September at a price of $1,998. 

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