APPLE UPDATE LOGIC PRO TO 10.3.2 | #iRockParties

Apple have updated their flagship DAW Logic Pro X to version 10.3.2. The new version features some extra Drummers who play Latin, Pop and an extra player suitable for singer-songwriters. Drummer allows users to create a more natural rhythm track with auto-fills, variations in volume and general ‘realism’ added in. Extra loops have also been added to fit the styles of the new Drummers. 

Elsewhere, Apple have added the ability to pitch and fine-tune individual audio regions – a long-awaited and very welcome addition. Ableton users will be very familiar with how easy it is to transpose clips, so anyone who uses both will be glad to see this feature added to Logic. Their latest instrument acquisition Alchemy has also had a re-vamp, adding an automatic time align feature for improved morphing. 

If you’re thinking of updating your studio computer alongside Logic, Apple recently announce their most powerful iMacs ever. Alternatively, if you’re still getting your head around music production, Ableton’s new website teaches everything you need to know from the ground up.

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