Marshmello’s ‘Alone’ Earns Label Monstercat First Platinum Record | #iRockParties

We know Marshmello is a powerhouse. His tunes continuously push their way up the charts. He’s been working with bigger and bigger stars, most recently with pop starlet Selena Gomez. And now, his single “Alone” just earned Canadian independent label Monstercat its first certified platinum record.

You know Monstercat from its work with a variety of electronic artists, from Droeloe to Kayzo, Nervo, Slander, RobotakiWolfgang Garnter, and more. The label supports a variety of sounds and styles, with a special influence on the bass heavy. Monstercat has worked heavily with the video game Rocket League, creating a soundtrack for the successful, car-launching soccer game with its releases. “Alone” gives the hard-working label a new level of recognition.

“Working on ‘Alone’ was an extremely unique experience for the team as the marketing efforts continued for over six months and pushed the boundaries of what we knew a general release strategy to be,” Monstercat CEO Mike Darlington says in an emailed statement. “The combination of a great/catchy record, great viral music video, unique influencer marketing, amazing DSP support, and very dedicated digital and terrestrial radio campaigning pushed this record into the spotlight. I’m so grateful to have been a part of it all and am very proud of all the success Marshmello has had over the past couple of years.”

Congratulations to Monstercat and Marshmello on this momentous occassion. Watch the “Alone” video below to celebrate.

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