10 Things You Need to Know About the Apple iPhone X | #iRockParties

Towards the beginning of last monthApple officially announced the iPhone X at a special event held at the Steve Jobs Theater. Since then, we’ve asked some of the industry’s top analysts and experts for their own opinions of Apple’s latest and greatest smartphone creation, eliciting reactions that appeared to be on the negative, indifferent and lukewarm sides of the opinion spectrum. With the iPhone X’s November 3 release date almost here, we have decided to compile our own visual breakdown of what to expect if you choose to pick up your own unit.

Over the course of two minutes and some change, we dive deep into the top 10 things you absolutely need to know about Apple’s latest production. From “new gestures” to the capabilities of the iPhone’s new camera to A11 bionic, we explore it all. Most notably, the augmented reality and wireless charging stick out as some of the iPhone X’s more interesting, unique features. As demand and public attention continue to swell, the iPhone X is giving tech enthusiasts a good reason to remain loyal to its Cupertino creators.

You can check out our own exploration of the Apple iPhone X above, while the item itself will hit shelves this Friday, November 3.

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